a special offer

so familiar …

Ladies, Gents and all the others.. In my experience, nearly everyone of us has that one dress/shirt/pants/skirt/ T´s we carry for years and years, hoping so much that it hold on.

Others would describe it as a thinning often darned piece of fabric,

your favourite of all times ,

unfortunately the Queen of your cupboard.

It has been with you all those years, it was witness of all your happy and intense moments and it gave you self-confidence and the feeling I can do this!

And now:

it is snoring the sleep of the just in your cupboard because you wouldn’t dare to wear it, because it would not fit, or it would fall to pieces or its just not the colour /fabric you grow accustomed to nowadays.

What would you say, if you learn to reproduce that feeling with sewing a new favourite one, which has all those elements of the Queen of your cupboard but wearable now!

As soon as those ultramicroscopic metabolically inert agents ( Covid n such) allows us to get back together ,

I would be delighted to teach you how to sew your very own FAVOURITE!

how would we start?

  1. you write to me
  2. we meet and see what is to do
  3. we seek fabric
  4. I show you how to make the pattern and cut the fabric
  5. we start sewing
  6. alternate and neaten.
  7. Happy client , happy me.

( is it a dress or a top..) the prizes will vary too. ( depending on hours and level of difficulty)

You never realise how much of your background is sewn into the lining of your clothes.

by Tom Wolfe