May I introduce you to

Ursel Walldorf

Ursel Walldorf’s Life has been and still is a meadow full of flowers, a couple of trees and of course some mud pits and bulky humps.

Throughout her Life she developed a special skill to cope with all kinds of struggle one can have.

She lost her parents when she was a child, she even slept in parks for a while, she walked on her own red carpet in Downtown LA and she conquers severe illness and struggles.

After working as chef, manager, baker, nurse, seller and and and  she used all her knowledge for a better course:

she got her diploma in acting , later on she decided to change the view to assistant director & coach, counseling producer & writer.

Whatever and Wherever she works on, this one thing never left her side.

A golden guideline , a silver lining what helps her through the toughest situation in Life.

Her Godgiven creativity to tell stories.

Stories about life. How different life can be told.

She even developed a certain way to connect that with your body , that it feels like it already has happend.







see you soon…