when the wind blows circles on the pavement
playing with snowy flakes like a child with a wheel

when the candle chuckles with it and its twinkle awards me
with warm light
my mind becomes bright
and flee

within a second to a place
with peace and joy
what a wonderful day to be alive
it’s ice cold in Berlin
and in my cozy Sunday now I dive


… as a reminder?

why do I receive so many spam mails with Viagra these days?

Is that still a thing?

Shouldn’t they allure me with super vaccines and fancy unfathomable face masks?


is it a reminder to stand erect / against / uprightly when getting one´s teeth into the second harsh lock-down?

Not to loose hope and inner strength ..?

Do I need this to-go-like-a-bull-at-the-gate reminder?

rather not.

How about telling me things I need to remind:

the love towards my neighbours

the kindness towards hoarding people

the patience towards other thinkers

the hope to better days ahead?

Yes please.

Endurance is patience concentrated

Thomas Carlye

Co- frenzy

Life is crazy right now.

the longer it goes –

the weirder

it gets.

the other day I was sitting in a well stocked bus with my mask.

A person was politely asking if it were ok sitting beside me. Though I was hesitating first, I agreed.

A charming person I dare say.. well I thought first, then.. you know, when you´re brought up being well-mannered like me, you nod with a slight smile to whatever your neighbour is telling you, or .. and that is completely fascinating, is about to instill their opinion into you…

I`m wondering if this person would do this in that particular manner because Im from the fair sex, or because it ( our conversation ) was just the straw to broke the camels back as they say…

who knows.

Before we all getting mad = our camels just have had enough with us..

How about a smile once in a while.. and find a smart quote

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on”

Rober Frost

mind sputter…

another Sunday of Sundays perceiving our lives differently

nearly alienated..

mask, minds, morals, mutiny, more mashed potato?

what will be “our” new normal?

presage and prophesy,or prospect and probability , or passionately probing for possibilties?

anyhow.. it can´t stop having hope, right?

what are you hoping for?

40 days , 40 nights.. and loads in between

it started as usual.. preparing myself for the annual fasting with this little difference now:

Am I really going vegan ?

nay . not really, but, for the sake of my blood vessels and all that, why not?

and all of the sudden.. little droplets of speech, sneeze or cough make the world more nervous/anxious /angry/ swoon as the vast firestorms which burned down nearly half of an entire continent.

Those ultramicroscopic metabolically inert agents took over governments and ruled human behaviour in a split second.

Before I melt into a river of views and suspicions why and who and all that, I rather ruminate about all days, now-a-days in those days.

While I’m nibbling little pieces of banana peppered with salted peanuts, (yes, so yummy!) I wonder,

what´s that feeling behind the obvious one?

That big Unknown one? Slandering around like an invisible cat, sometimes purring, hissing or even growling towards my heart-brain waves. It even goes walkies with me and my face mask.

Will it disappear?

At least when the last devilish-mean droplets are coughed, found its end in some hankies as snot or in the depth of the sewer, will the brain-cat be gone and by gone?

And while I’m surfing dry and safe through the waves of our World Web I found this:

A virus is a corrupting influence on morals or the intellect; poison. …

my brain cat!

It will disappear.

40 days . 40 times writing about Love. 40 times blank paper, fountain pen .. silence…and..

.. if I had knew what will wait for me due those 40 days  -writing 40 days about Love -I would have started far far earlier!

In summary, though I tend to write along another week, I´d probably would say : it is about self awareness  and a good portion of courage  and endurance to have a good glimpse of an explanation what it could /might be. The nearly regurigated word LOVE in one´s mind – because you probably have said it to often or at least heard it pretty regulary in songs and movies – the word LOVE has gotten toothless.

how to go back to the first “kiss” of the word and its deep meaning?

Honestly, deary me, you have to dig very deep. And it won´t be as beautiful as you might think, assume, hope?


if you´re fair to yourself and to all your beloved ones, and be honest to yourself:

Love will awaits you .. .





humph.. I guess I would have made better pictures, nice pictures with the cake I ate and the well chosen cup of tea  I drank, wouldn’t I?

Well, you know sometimes it might be better phonedetoxing while eating – more  melting down this awesomeness gorgeous summary of butter ..flour and sugar, of almonds and figs.

so for today: NO PICS.. but my warmest smile on the other side of that mirror..glas.. thingy