40 days , 40 nights.. and loads in between

it started as usual.. preparing myself for the annual fasting with this little difference now:

Am I really going vegan ?

nay . not really, but, for the sake of my blood vessels and all that, why not?

and all of the sudden.. little droplets of speech, sneeze or cough make the world more nervous/anxious /angry/ swoon as the vast firestorms which burned down nearly half of an entire continent.

Those ultramicroscopic metabolically inert agents took over governments and ruled human behaviour in a split second.

Before I melt into a river of views and suspicions why and who and all that, I rather ruminate about all days, now-a-days in those days.

While I’m nibbling little pieces of banana peppered with salted peanuts, (yes, so yummy!) I wonder,

what´s that feeling behind the obvious one?

That big Unknown one? Slandering around like an invisible cat, sometimes purring, hissing or even growling towards my heart-brain waves. It even goes walkies with me and my face mask.

Will it disappear?

At least when the last devilish-mean droplets are coughed, found its end in some hankies as snot or in the depth of the sewer, will the brain-cat be gone and by gone?

And while I’m surfing dry and safe through the waves of our World Web I found this:

A virus is a corrupting influence on morals or the intellect; poison. …

my brain cat!

It will disappear.