Co- frenzy

Life is crazy right now.

the longer it goes –

the weirder

it gets.

the other day I was sitting in a well stocked bus with my mask.

A person was politely asking if it were ok sitting beside me. Though I was hesitating first, I agreed.

A charming person I dare say.. well I thought first, then.. you know, when you´re brought up being well-mannered like me, you nod with a slight smile to whatever your neighbour is telling you, or .. and that is completely fascinating, is about to instill their opinion into you…

I`m wondering if this person would do this in that particular manner because Im from the fair sex, or because it ( our conversation ) was just the straw to broke the camels back as they say…

who knows.

Before we all getting mad = our camels just have had enough with us..

How about a smile once in a while.. and find a smart quote

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on”

Rober Frost