40 days . 40 times writing about Love. 40 times blank paper, fountain pen .. silence…and..

.. if I had knew what will wait for me due those 40 days  -writing 40 days about Love -I would have started far far earlier!

In summary, though I tend to write along another week, I´d probably would say : it is about self awareness  and a good portion of courage  and endurance to have a good glimpse of an explanation what it could /might be. The nearly regurigated word LOVE in one´s mind – because you probably have said it to often or at least heard it pretty regulary in songs and movies – the word LOVE has gotten toothless.

how to go back to the first “kiss” of the word and its deep meaning?

Honestly, deary me, you have to dig very deep. And it won´t be as beautiful as you might think, assume, hope?


if you´re fair to yourself and to all your beloved ones, and be honest to yourself:

Love will awaits you .. .